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The Flat Series offers minimalist design styling using BTS-Betacryl® engineered stone to create aone piece moulded wash basin in a variety of standard sizes with the option to produce custom basins and layouts.

Pre-Fitted with steel wall mount to the 12mm Betacryl® plate the Flat Series enables full manoeuvrability and access to those in wheelchairs.

    FLAT92D 01         FLAT122 01

The Flat Series are:

  • Flat 62
  • Flat 92SX Basin Left
  • Flat 92DX Basin Right
  • Flat 92C Basin Centre
  • Flat 92J Basin Left
  • Flat 122 Basin Centre

Number denotes length. All basins 52cm (front to back).

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The patented-system Goman integrates the mirror-block furniture with a mechanism for wash basin support, electrically movable, for the lifting/lowering action of the block system (mirror and wash basin). This allows achieving the ideal level, which follow the specific norms to its use by the users (disabled, elderly, or children). The space below the wash basin is completely free and can be used and accessible also thanks to the quality of the wash basin (concave edge and easy handling).

With an unique and refined style block we have eliminated the anti-aesthetic adjustable tilting mirrors or cumbersome mechanisms for wash basin. This mirror/wash basin block may be adaptable to any type of bath equipment and together with any other furnishing or bath accessory.

MIOpen1 MIOPen2 MIOpen3 MIOpen4


                                             MI-Open Series Basins Specifications

                                             MI-Open 62                                         MI-Open 92

                           MI OPEN62 01              MI OPEN92C 01             MiOpen

Flat 92SX

FLAT92S 01 2



Flat Joy



Flat 62


Flat 92DX



Flat 92C



Flat 62



Flat Custom