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32mm Linear safety handles constructed of aluminium tube and coated with a 2mm thermoplastic nylon (polyamid 6) connected by nylon coulpling joints and threaded steel bar. Resistant to ultraviolet light, non-toxic, anti-static easy to clean, pleastant t touch, electrically insulated not requiring electrical earth and is resistant to the proliferation of bacteria.

6 x M8 screws per base plate.

XX = 01 White  07 Black 06 Grey  02 Blue 03 Green 04 Yellow 05 Red



AN-M30-XX     30cm

AN-M40-XX     40cm

AN-M50-XX     50cm  

AN-M60-XX     60cm


AN-M80-XX     80cm

AN-M90-XX     90cm


AN-M110-XX  110cm

Aluminium Nylon 30cm to 110cm


Safety Handrail with Lateral Vertical Support

AN-4070-01 40cm x 70cm



45° Handle

AN-MA1-XX 45 Degree Handle 25cm x 25cm



Vertical Handrail

AN-V02-XX Vertical Handrail 160cm





             AN-B12-XX                                    AN0B14-XX                                   AN-B16-XX                              AN-B08-XX


AN-B12-01 Folding Support Bar 60cm

AN-B12P-XX Folding Support Bar 80cm with Paper Holder

AN-B13-XX Folding Support Bar 80cm without Paper Holder

AN-B70-XX Folding Support Bar 70cm

AN-B71-XX Folding Support Bar with Paper Holder 70cm

AN-B16-XX Folding Support Bar with Floor Support 80cm

AN-B08-XX Folding Support Bar on Post with Paper Holder 80cm x 80cm

AN-B12P-XX Folding Support Bar with Long Fixing Plate 60cm


AN-B02-XX Fixed Support Bar 60cm

AN-B03-XX Fixed Support Bar 80cm



AN-B01-XX Fixed Floor to War Support Bar 80cm x 80cm



Safety Corner rails


AN-A01-XX Corner Handrail 70cm x 70cm

AN-A03-XX Corner Handrail 100cm x 100cm



AN-A05-01 Corner Handrail with Vertical 70cm x 70cm x 80cmH

AN-A10-XX Corner Handrail with Vertical 70cm x 70cm x 110cmH


SAFETY Shower bars


AN-032-XX Shower Handrail and Slide Bar 60cm x 120cm

AN-031-XX Shower Handrail and Slide Bar 40cm x 120cm


Shower seats


          AN-811B-01                             AN-831B-01                                AN-B541-01                           AN-800B-01

AN-811B-XX Folding Shower Seat 16cm x 43cm x 43.5cm

AN-831B-XX Removable Shower Seat (not folding) 46cm x 39cm x 36cm

AN-841B-XX Fixed Shower Seat (not folding) 48.5cm x 39cm x 36cm

AN-800B-XX Seat for Bath-tub 26cm x 48cm x 70cm