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Antibacterial & nylon rilsan

Single Piece steel tube with anticorrosion coating. 

Nylon Rilsan Series is different from other products because of it exceptional protective action against chemical aggression due to the chemical structure adn teh thermo-palstic character of the polyolefins. These characteristics guarantee;

  • high impact resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • complete non-toxicity (not derived from petrochemicals but from the castor oil plant)
  • electrical insulation
  • reduction in bacterial action

As a result the GOMAN nylon coated steel products are particularly suitable in environments such as hospitals, rehabilitaion centres, rest homes, retirement villages etc.



The Antibacterial Series combates the threat of cross-contamination in hospitals, rest homes, hospice and other high risk environments.

The BIO-GOMAN Antibacterial Series uses a new unique application that blocks the proliferation of bacteria thanks to the action of a biocide which combats the growth of micro-organisms. Accurate testing carried out over extened periods has shown a 99.9% reduction of bacterial flora within the following 24 hours. The Anti-bacterial Series is also ideal in the food industry as it is totaly atoxic to humans.




                            N-ZM = Nylon Rilsan series                         ZM = Antibacterial series


Safety handles 30cm - 200cm


         30cm to 110cm                                                 130cm to 200cm

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan 30cm to 110cm

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan 130cm to 200cm


45° Safety Handle 25cm x 25cm

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan 45 degree Safety Handle


Semi-circle handle

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan Semi-Circle Handrail 50cm x 25cm



Safety handle with vertical support Left & Right


        Left Z4070D-01 / N-Z4070D                   Right Z4070S-01 / N-Z4070S                  Equal Z5050-01 / N-Z5050

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan Safety Handle with Vertical Support 40cm x 70cm Left & Right

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan Safety Handle 50cm x 50cm


vertical support floor & wall fixing

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan Vertical Support 180cm

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan Vertical Support 160cm




 ZB04-01 / N-ZB04                      ZB06-14 / N-ZB14                     ZB12-01 / N-ZB12                  ZB14-01 / N-ZB14

Antibacterial ZB04-01 & Nylon Rilsan N-ZB04 60cm - 80cm

Antibacterial ZB14-01 & Nylon Rilsan N-ZB14 80cm with Toilet Paper Holder

Antibacterial ZB12-01 & Nylon Rilsan N-ZB12 60cm - 80cm

Antibacterial ZB12-01 & Nylon Rilsan N-ZB12 80cm with Toilet Paper Holder


B15-01 / N-ZB15 80cm         ZB16-01 / N-ZB16 80cm                   ZB07-01  / N-ZB07 80cm             ZB08-01 / N-ZB08 80cm

Antibacterial ZB15-01            Antibacterial ZB16-01                 Antibacterial ZB07-01           Antibacterial ZB08-01

Nylon Rilsan N-ZB15              Nylon Rilsan N-ZB16                   Nylon Rilsan N-ZB07             Nylon Rilsan N-ZB08



Safety Corner Handrails


Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan from 70cm to 120cm


Safety corner handrails with vertical support

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan x 2 sizes


Safety corner handrails with vertical centre support

Antibacterial & Nylon Rilsan x 3 sizes


Safety shower bars


           Antibacterial D0032B-01                          Antibacterial D0030-01


shower & bath Seats


  Folding Seat X811-01                    Folding Seat X812-01                     Anatomic Folding Seat X810-01           Seat for Bathtub 70cm X800-01

  Antibacterial X811-01                    Antibacterial X812-01                      Antibacterial X810-01                          Antibacterial X800-01

  Nylon Rilsan N-X811                   Nylon Rilsan N-X812                      Nylon Rilsan N-X810                            Nylon Rilsan N-X800



Folding Seat for Bathtub X801-01    Folding Seat & Arms X821-01       Folding Seat & Arms X820-01               Folding Seat On Rail X831-01

Antibacterial X801-01                     Antibacterial X821-01                      Antibacterial X820-01                              Antibacterial X831-01

Nylon Rilsan N-X801                      Nylon Rilsan N-X821                      Nylon Rilsan N-X820                               Nylon Rilsan N-X831



 Folding Seat on Rail X830-01                    Folding Seat X832-01

 Antibacterial X830-01                              Antibacterial X832-01

 Nylon Rilsan N-X830                              Nylon Rilsan N-X832